Information Night: French Math Consultant

YK1 is proud to invite you to an information evening with French Immersion Math Consultant Renée Michaud. Based in Calgary, Michaud designs and leads math workshops in both English and French in Alberta and beyond. She has worked for schools, school boards, Alberta Education, several Teachers’ Conventions and two publishing companies. Michaud started working with YK1 French Immersion staff in 2018 and is back this year to continue her work. 

Description: Welcome to our Math World. In a span of 60 minutes, guests will experience Math as participants and as parents. Fun is guaranteed. Productive struggle is likely. Mistakes are a certainty. Perseverance may be necessary. Fist pumps, high fives, and thumbs up, well, they are up to you! If you wish to attend, registration is mandatory​. Receiving registration no later than Thursday, September 26th, 2019 ​would be appreciated. Merci!