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My name is Ms. Hawk, I'm an Educational Assistant for YK1.  

I've worked for Yk1 since 2002, this will be my 17th year!  

My many areas of experience are in; Early Elementary/Primary Montessori, Childhood Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Teacher's Aide, Medical laboratory assisting, family violence counseling and child behavioral sciences.    

I've lived in Yellowknife for 26 years and I still enjoy this wonderful but small city.

I love working for and with children.  I enjoy encouraging them, guiding them, helping them in any way that will benefit their learning.

I am fun, firm at times and fair most of the time.

My motto is "never give up and keep trying!" and "Where there is a will, there is always a way!"   "Always keep in mind that people can only see what you want them to see about you, so be the best you possible!" and last but not least  "What you give to others in life, is what they will return to you!"

Most parents will recognize me from the traffic guiding I do in the parking lot and the waves/hugs  that I receive from their children.  They might even hear the children talk about the cookies that they got in their classes that were baked for them from Ms. Hawk.  

I would like to wish all our new and returning children and their parents/guardians a very happy and successful year!

I look forward to another wonderful year, working at Mildred Hall School!

Mahsi Cho!

Thank you!